Deepak Behra

You really carried the conference very well. Your diligence and enthusiasm ensured everything went smooth. You handled the uncertainties well, even as the event had a few surprises, with your witty remarks ensured that everything seemed smooth and seamless. The gala night was a real thrill, the delegates were dancing away happily and the mood built up very well, thanks to your effortless engagement with the audience.

Kirk and Jumara

The best part about Elvis is his unique non traditional style and the positive energy that he reflects onto his audience. So if you’re looking to step away from the same old vibes, you have a solution. Elvis, we would like to book you for our 25th anniversary as well, 19.12.2040!


Supriya Ahuja

You made the perfect host, be it imparting knowledge or entertaining the guests. They had a ball of a time. It was a magical day from start to finish, and we at Star and the guests loved it. I would like to extend a grateful thank you for the incredible job you did as an MC.